A list with the ten best spanish iberiaco Pata Negra hams

The spanish ABC journal has just released a list of 10 best Iberico Pata Negra hams in the world.

This is the list:

5J Reserve: Sánchez Romero Carvajal was a pioneer in the development of pure Iberian pig hams in Jabugo. With an average of 42 months cured, known for its aroma, excellent taste in the mouth texture.(Whole piece: 70 euros).

Covap Alta Expresion: Covap is a cooperative from the Valley Pedroches (Córdoba). Among other products, are produced cured Iberian ham of acorn.After salting, the best pieces are selected for their brand alta expresion undergoing a cure more than 36 months. (Whole piece: 45 euros).

Joselito Gran Reserva: This is the brand best-known Iberian ham. Guijuelo cured, about 40,000 are sold per year in storage after a period of 24 to 30 months. Now, they sell a “special edition vintage 2004″ in case designed by the architect Rafael Moneo, (Whole piece: 70 euros).

Juan Pedro Domecq, hams from purebred Iberian free-range and fed on acorns in the foothills of the Sierra de Huelva. Each piece, subjected to an artisan cured a minimum of three years in the cellar that the company has in Jabugo. (Whole piece: 54 euros).

Beher etiqueta de oro: The company produces Guijuelo Bernardo Hernández hams from their farms of Salamanca and other Extremadura rented expressly for the open range. In the traditional way, with a pleasant taste and slightly sweet. (Whole piece: 45 euros / kilo or so).

The Zancao: Iberian pigs reared on a farm on the open range of Arribes del Duero (Salamanca), out of 500 hams and as many pallets a year. Matured for 36 months, these hams have a perfect marbling and flavor intense and persistent. (Whole piece: 38.50 euros / kilo or so).

Sierra Mayor de Jabugo Gran 10 vetas: This pure Iberian acorn ham comes from a cure more than 36 months in the craft that the company holds Consortium is in the mountains Jabugo Huelva. Parts flavored and powerful point just salt.(Whole piece: 56 euros / kilo or so).

Carrasco: One of the big names in Guijuelo. With black purebred pigs bred in the pastures of Extremadura and Salamanca, the family has four generations Carrasco excellent hams prepared with such intense aromas and flavor. (Whole piece: 52 euros).

Sierra de Sevilla: With a small production (just over 14,000 pure Iberian pigs), the Seville company made in the mountains north of the province some hams big presence. Aromatic, intensely flavored and persistent, with a subtle hint of sweetness. (Whole piece: 42 euros / kilo or so).

Maldonado: From Alburquerque (Badajoz), is known to the world’s most expensive ham. Up to 1,500 euros for an exclusive selection of Albarragena. They have another one more “normal”, also of excellent quality. (Whole piece: 52 euros/Kg).

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