Professional ham holders from Afinox


In our online Iberian Ham and best quality accessory store, we put two important additions. we talk about two ham holders models (jamoneros) from the brand Afinox, a model with a wood base and a model with stainless steel. Despite the crisis, we bet for high quality produce because our clients ask us that.

Here we want to give you more info about this ham holders in order to know it better and understand why these can cost up to 750€.
For the ham holders manufacturing, best materials are used like stainless steel, ash wood or olive in the manufacturing of this art work.

This ham holders are affordable for some fortunate user because the prices range between 500€ to 750€. even being the most expensive from the market, we can see it in most of the best iberian ham brands stands. Sánchez Romero Carvajal, Joselito or Covap are some of this brands.

Ham holders are a fantastic instrument. the details are care to the litte detail and all this pieces work in perfection without attrition of pieces . Therefore we can say that ham holders worth its price.

Most of Afinox models have a base with measure to 48cm x 24cm and a bulk dependent on material. 3cm for the wood and 1.2 for stainless steel

afinox inox

All ham holders are rotary as we can turn around the ham without release it from the ham holder, also these can wobble. This option is very interesting and is the responsible that most of the professional ham cutters choose it, because we get the chance to put the ham as we cut it, giving us a unsurpassable comfort when we cut it.

In conclusion, it’s a ham holder that we recommend with closed eyes after we talk with several professional ham cutters and we receive no claim or suggestion.

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