Different types of ham.

This article will provide a list of different types of Spanish hams along with a brief description.

First of all, there is the ordinary  Serrano ham (dry cured ham), which is the hind leg of the white pig bred in freedom. It may have two different Denominaciones de Origen: Teruel, Trévelez or neither of them.
Normally it is cured for no more than a year. They are low-quality hams.

Then, there is the Iberian Ham, obtained by Iberian pigs in Huelva (Jabugo) , Cordova (Valle de los Pedroches), Extremadura or Salamanca (Guijuelo). Among Iberian hams, we can distinguish:
Bellota ham;
Recebo ham;
Cebo ham.
The difference depends on pigs’ diet.
Bellota (acorn): at the beginning, the animal’s weight will be among 80 and 105 kilos. Pigs are fed on acorns and grass (60% of the overall diet). You can buy a Bellota ham in our store.
Recebo (mix-fed Iberian ham): animals are fed on acorns and grass (30% of the overall diet). Pigs will also eat natural fodder.
Cebo: The animal is exclusively fed on natural fodder.


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