Elaboration process of the Iberico ham “Pata Negra”

For the healing process of Iberico ham “Pata Negra” is properly conducted, it is important to consider the following factors that favor the natural maturation of hams.

First, the technological advances that are in perfect harmony with the more traditional manufacturing processes and the temperature of the ham.

The steps to divide the process of Iberico ham are this follows:

Once the pig is slaughtered, it starts salting stage, lasting a maximum of 60 days to become dried. It is in the drying process where the ham acquires its character and aroma. However, before moving on to the drying step is essential that the hams balance their level of salt all over the ham, because the surface is where the ham has nearly all while inside there is hardly anything.
The equilibration time depends on the amount of fat in each piece, being the usual about 60 days. After that time, it’s important to wash the hams with hot water to remove excess salt through special brushes.

After that, the pieces of ham will go through a drying period in a room where the temperature and humidity will be permanently monitored for 9 months, in order to get the ham fat is distributed throughout the piece.

Finally, the Pata Negra iberico hams go through a phase of aging in the cellar, from maturing up to 18 months depending on their classification. In the cellar, temperatures are constantly monitored, both their level of humidity, and air. All this you can taste one of the most delicious dishes of our country ham.

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