Ham holders (jamoneros) from Spanishtaste

Si quiere comprar un buen jamonero, visite nuestra tienda: Spanishtaste.
Encontrará 6 diferentes modelos. Jamoneros plegables, giratorios y otros con diseño clásico.
Siempre la mejor calidad con un precio insuperable. Pinche aquí para verlos todos.

If you want buy a good ham holder, you will find 3 models selected from more than 20 different models of ham holders. The ones have a real good quality and price.

In Spanishtaste, you will find from 26€ to 110€ for our best model. Very similar are sold for more than 300€.

They are made in Spain and not in China like many ham holders that are sold in internet. They are made with wood and metal.

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