Iberian Pata Negra ham Made in China

The spanish Iberian “Pata Negra” ham has today a new big problem.
In 2008,  8 companies received the autorisation from China to export their hams ans iberian products.
A few years ago, Chinese technicians visited the Spanish factories to give them permission to export but we think they were inspecting the factories to copy them after, like they always do!

They began producing serrano ham and now it seems they are already beginning to produce Iberian ham.
There are plenty of differences between the Spanish and Chinese ham. A person who is accustomed to eating it, should recognize them, but another person who does not know well might be confused.
The Chinese ham cost is 10 times less than the Spanish Iberian ham but it hasn’t the same months of drying and probably won’t follow the same manufacturing processesand traditional dryig arts.

Now, what spanish manufacturers  must do, is take care of  their quality hams and worry that people can’t be  confused between their hams and Chinese hams.


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