Iberico ham in the United states

Iberico ham Pata Negra USA United States

It’s hard to believe, but it was not until recently that iberico ham starts to export to the United States (USA). Actually it was a discussion theme from the 80′s and 90′s because this delicacy was considered an illegal product in this country.

In 2005 the first tenders to change the status of this product begins, thing of interest for producers & consumers of the country too. Before 2005 all ham can be imported with exception for those produced in Spain ¡Surprising!

in end of 2007 iberico ham exports begins, and in the middle of 2008 bellota ham exports too. this products were well received and their sales are now approved in all gourmets of the country .

Something Important

Besides that iberian ham is now legal on United States is important to mention that if you go to travel there, you can’t carry iberian ham or similar products. Many reason is for sanitary order, migrants can’t bring meat products, even if these are only for personal use.

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