Is it correct to use the term “Pata Negra” ham?

Pata Negra Ham

As a matter of fact, the term Pata Negra is incorrect and it is forbidden to use it on labels, as it would be misleading. Pata Negra (which means “black hoof”) refers to the colour of Iberian pigs’ legs. Despite this, it is important to say that in nature it is possible to find Iberian pigs without black legs or, vice versa,  white pigs with black hoofs.

For these reasons, although we usually talk about Pata Negra Ham, we would rather use the term “Iberian ham”. Moreover, it is crucial to know if we are buying a Cebo, Recebo or Bellota. The finest Iberian ham is the bellota one (which means acorn). The animals are fed on acorns and grass (60% of their overall diet).

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