“Solo Bellota” from Covap, one of the best iberico “Pata Negra” hams

The Iberico Acorn “Pata Negra” Ham of Covap is one of the best hams of this cooperative of Cordoba. This is an Iberico ham about 40 months of healing and pure quality acorn.

This ham has a great balance between fat and meat and it has the typical veins of fat in the ham.

Yesterday we had the chance to taste it again while we also tasted an Iberian ham that the people say that it is the world’s best Iberian ham, Joselito.

Our surprise was that we all agreed that the Iberico Acorn Ham was nicer than the Joselito.

And is that the ham has a sweet and intense flavor that makes you want to keep eating ham, slice after slice.

In our online shop of Iberian hams, we have this ham with an unbeatable offer.


These pieces of 7,5-8,5kg, at the price of 249 € instead of 315 €!
This offer is valid until August 20th or while stocks last and seen the success we’re having, probably it will run out before the date.

So if you are thinking to buy a quality Iberian ham this summer, do not hesitate and buy an Iberiam Acorn Ham.
To do this, simply click on the link below:

If you have any questions, please call us on 91 831 11 19 or write to info@spanishtaste.com

We show you some pictures of the last Iberian Acorn Pata Negra hams sold these days:



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