The best temperature to serve the Pata Negra ham

Just as wines have a temperature suitable to be served and tasted, with the Iberian Pata Negra ham the temperature at which the ham is served can determine the feelings that we provide.

The Iberian ham is due to serve a stable temperature of about 14 ° C because this temperature favors the production of oleic acid-in other words, fat-which is the actual piece of ham. In addition, at 14 ° C temperature the Iberian ham releases its characteristic odor, making the tasting tasty longer.

Furthermore, the release of fat reduces the salt level of Iberian ham, making the ham quality highest. During the process of the Iberian ham, the salting stage is very important because it defines the personality of the ham once served.

On the other hand, a temperature too low, or, which is the same, about 10 ° C makes the flavor of Iberian ham loses its flavor, the cold eats the flavor of the ham, because, among other things , makes the fat of the ham is not integrated with the rest of the piece.

So now you know, the best temperature to enjoy all the flavors of the Iberian ham is without a doubt at 14 ° C.

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