The Iberico Pata Negra from Monsalud


Today I want to tell you about a brand of ham that my point of view is doing very well.
It is the Monsalud mark, which is co-owner Miguel Bose and it is playing an important role in the expansion of the mark.

I’m a little tired of seeing and eat the Iberian Acorn hams (jamon iberico de Bellota) that with the excuse of the crisis are increasingly bads.
Monsalud is doing the opposite. His team is getting a top quality product also caring the image, which I love. Also, just joined a great professional as Alvaro Arrechea that will lead the sales department, a real treat for Monsalud!.

More and more sales are made through the Internet and many farmers still believe that with a good product is enough to get big sales and neglect the image. When a person wants to buy an Iberian ham over the Internet and will pay 200 €, 300 € or 400 €, you need to see a product with an image kept him between the eyes.

As the owner of the store where we sell mainly Iberian ham throughout Europe, we have refused to sell very good Iberian ham due to poor image conveyed.
So very soon you will find this wonderful Extremadura’s Iberico ham in our online store. The Iberian ham is sold in countries like France, Germany, UK and Italy.
I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Here you can buy: Jamon Iberico Monsalud

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