What’s the right name of Pata negra ham?

If we take a stroll through the many shops of Iberico hams available on the Internet we can find titles like “Jabugo ham“, “Pata Negra ham,” “Serrano bellota ham” and many more.

At the end one does not know the difference between ham and Iberico ham Jabugo if an Iberico ham “Pata Negra” is an acorn ham and end up not buying any for fear of being deceived. So today I give you some tips and some information that you may know best ham you are buying.

- Jabugo Ham: this are not giving us any information about the quality of Iberian ham, only indicates that the ham have been cured ham Jabugo.

- Pata Negra Ham: What is Pata Negra? This term is colloquial and is forbidden to appear on any label. This word is used for the Iberian ham and if not accompanied by quality ham, Acorn, Acorn or bait, is not giving us any information about the quality of Iberian ham is announced.

- Serrano Acorn ham or Serrano Pata Negra Ham: these and other phrases I’ve seen especially in foreign pages are completely erroneous because the serrano hams and Iberico hams come from different pig breeds (white pig and Iberian pig), so that a ham can not be of acorn or be accompanied by the slang word “Pata Negra” which refers to the Iberico ham.

In summary, the important thing when buying an Iberico ham is look on the label for this:
- Ibericco ham. (Jamón ibérico)
- Quality, Bellota (Acorn), Recebo, Cebo.
- His source: Huelva (Jabugo), Cordoba (Valley of the Pedroches), Extremadura (Badajoz …) and Salamanca (Guijielo).

I hope that these tips will make it easier to distinguish the different Iberico hams sold in stores.
If you still have doubts, you can write to this article and we will try to help.


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